ERC20 Token Transfers

View all ERC20 transfers on the Ethereum network.

Some endpoints use query params for inflow and outflow addresses to define sender and receivers.

If a user (0x15...) sends 10 AAVE tokens to Binance, this transaction would be an inflow for Binance and these endpoints below would track the sender (0x15..), the receiver (Binance), along with relevant information about the transfer such as transaction id, timestamp, amount, etc.

API Response Format


timestringThe time when the transfer occurred.
blockstringThe block number where the transfer was recorded.
tokenstringThe address of the token being transferred.
receiverstringThe address of the recipient of the transfer.
senderstringThe address of the sender of the transfer.
networkstringThe network id on which the transfer occured
amountstringThe amount of tokens transferred.
txstringThe transaction hash of the transfer.
idstringA unique identifier for the transfer.
sender_entitystring(Optional) The entity associated with the sender's address.
receiver_entitystring(Optional) The entity associated with the receiver's address.


Null Fields

amountusd, sender_entity, and receiver_entity may have null values. amountusd being null signifies the USD value of the transfer could not be determined. sender_entity or receiver_entity being null means there the sender/receiver accounts have not been tagged in our system.

Example Response:

    "statusCode": 200,
    "status": true,
    "data": [
            "time": "2022-12-07T02:04:47.000Z",
            "block": "16129807",
            "token": "0xdac17f958d2ee523a2206206994597c13d831ec7",
            "receiver": "0xc0b85a8c78d1c2b0e765365bfdc25d60a2e4c1fe",
            "sender": "0xf5491f793d47a6ea22f5e0b9ad3990cf66c4b40b",
            "network": "1",
            "amount": "0",
            "tx": "0x4756faf4a43e1d4cbcc50e9825dc4fc002e36fac7ff827d73c1a28712925400a"