How can I generate an API key?
You can add a new token on the API Management section of the settings page. Make sure to copy the token as it will only be possible once!

How can I request assistance or provide feedback?
You can reach our Support Engineers that will be eager to assist and receive feedback by sending an email to [email protected].

What exchanges are currently supported?
We currently record swaps for all major uniswap-like exchanges on supported chains. You can find more details at: Supported Chains
We are currently working on adding other major exchanges such as Curve, Balancer, Kyberswap, etc.

Where does the data come from?
We run our own nodes and listen to all transactions and events on supported blockchains. We do not pull any data from centralized applications. This ensures our data corresponds to what exactly happens on-chain.

Where can I find the terms of service?
Feel free to review our Terms of Service here

How can I check the latest updates from the platform?
Consider following Blockpour on Twitter and check our Blog for the latest updates, analyses, and more!

How can I recover or change my password?
We use OTP (one-time passwords) that are sent directly to your email when you log in, no need to worry about losing or forgetting your password!

What are the API rate limits?
API rate limits vary based on the subscription plan. See your subscription plan in the Blockpour platform or learn more about advanced subscription plans on the Blockpour website.

Are any endpoints cached?
Yes, some historic endpoints are cached at various intervals. Any endpoints that returns recent data or real-time data will not be cached.

What timestamp conventions do you use?
We use unix time stamping conventions expressed in UTC in milliseconds.