In the context of blockchain, accounts (or addresses/wallets) are used to send and receive transactions. Each account has a unique address that is used to identify it on a network.

Addresses are hard to read and remember, which is why we label accounts to provide additional context and information about the account. For example, an address may be tagged as belonging to a specific individual or organization (binance), or it may be labeled with a description of the purpose of the account (dex_factory, cex). Labeling addresses in this way helps users to understand the nature and function of an account.

You can learn more about labels and tags in the Labels and Tags section.

API Response Format

The response format below applies to the following endpoints:
Search Account


addressstringAddress of the account
networknumberAccount network id
labelsstring[]A array of account labels (categories)["dex_factory"]
tagstringA tag that identifies the account"uniswapv2"

Example response:

    "statusCode": 200,
    "status": true,
    "data": [
            "address": "0x5c69bee701ef814a2b6a3edd4b1652cb9cc5aa6f",
            "network": 1,
            "labels": [
            "tag": "uniswapv2"