In the context of automated market maker (AMM) pools, liquidity pool events refer to adding or removing liquidity from the pool.

mint and burn are pool events that involve the creation or destruction of LP tokens. LP tokens are first minted and issued when adding liquidity to a pool. In the same way, a burn event refers to withdrawing tokens from the pool in exchange for destroying the previously issued user's LP tokens. These events are often used to adjust the supply of tokens in the pool and to maintain a healthy liquidity balance.

You can read more about pools in the Pools section.

Pool Event Methodology

The methodology is similar to swaps: We listen to all pool transactions which include a signature of burn or mint on the supported networks.

API Response Format

token0stringAddress of the first token in the pool.
token1stringAddress of the second token in the pool.
amount0numberAmount of the token0 minted/burned
amount1numberAmount of the token1 minted/burned
amountusdnumberThe value of the pool in USD.
typestringThe type of pool event.
senderstring(Optional) Address of the sender of the pool event's tx.
timestringTime at which the pool event occurred.
networkstringNetwork on which the pool event occurred.
idstringA unique identifier for the pool event.
transactionstringThe transaction hash of the pool event.
slippagestringAmount of slippage for the pool event.
token0_symbolstringtoken0 symbol
token1_symbolstringtoken1 symbol

Example Response:

    "statusCode": 200,
    "status": true,
    "data": [
            "time": "2022-12-07T05:34:17.000Z",
            "token0": "0x1bfd67037b42cf73acf2047067bd4f2c47d9bfd6",
            "token1": "0x7ceb23fd6bc0add59e62ac25578270cff1b9f619",
            "pair": "0x50eaedb835021e4a108b7290636d62e9765cc6d7",
            "amount0": 0.00012422,
            "amount1": 0.002999906822889369,
            "amountusd": 2.111928746079,
            "reserves0": "128.56607969",
            "reserves1": "1223.283470993354353609",
            "type": "mint",
            "receiver": "0x7a1de288a587166f969e06256c4858604ce1ed84",
            "id": "160-0xb7eb2d27bb595831c6bfe847eaa5ff70eefd751b4be935cad066a786739266bc",
            "transaction": "0xb7eb2d27bb595831c6bfe847eaa5ff70eefd751b4be935cad066a786739266bc",
            "slippage": 0.00009661957516284284,
            "network": 137,
            "block": 36524993,
            "version": 4,
            "token0_symbol": "WBTC",
            "token1_symbol": "WETH"


Algorand pool event data is currently not available.